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What type of lighting is best for cyclists?
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What type of lighting is best for cyclists?
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What type of Lighting is Best for Cyclists?


Night trips on a single track.

We love bicycles, we love movement. Sometimes, in our love, we are so fast that we do not notice that the day is over. We still have a long distance to overcome, unfortunately it was dark around. Lighting the bicycle after dark is the basis. If you do not have lighting, do not take any risks. No point wasting life. You can make yourself and others have trouble. Call a friend, let him come to you, or go home by bus or train. If you have even a short distance to your home, do not take any risks. No point wasting life.
Lighting the bike is one thing. The bicycle must be visible from afar by other road users. The lamp on the front nicely illuminates the road ahead of us. The problem is done, but when you want to see, what is next to the road. As a long-time enthusiast of cycling, I do not recommend the method for the so-called "fast turn". So we turn the steering wheel violently, see what is hidden in the dark and turn the steering wheel again in the right direction. Maybe the method is good, but extremely risky. I do not recommend using it, because you can fall over.
For this type of problems, the headlamp, the so-called lamp on the head, is ideal. Thanks to the fact that it is mounted on the head, the hands are free and you can safely hold the steering wheel. Another advantage is that when you are shaking your head, the direction of the light also changes. You can easily go straight ahead while watching what is happening around.
However, it should be remembered that this solution is only an additional form of lighting. While the LED head lamp can replace the front lighting of the bike, while the rear is required for additional lighting.
lampa led na głowe 
Headlamp (LED head lamp), ideal for hiking, climbing, can also be used at work. Car mechanics, they appreciate this kind of lighting. They have two hands free, they can repair cars, at the same time they have a perfect picture of the illuminated object.

Will the LED head lamp meet our expectations.

Below are the most important parameters of the leaders:
  • Luminous flux - 9000 lm
  • Weight - 219 grams
  • Three headlights
  • Aluminum housing
  • waterproof
  • Battery type - 18650
It is worth noting here that the lamp weighs only 219 grams. In principle, the user does not feel it at all, it has something on his mind. The LED lamp is very light. An additional advantage of this device is that the light source here is LED lighting. The lamp has a power of 20 W. With such power you can generate up to 9,000 lumens, that's a lot. If the LED lamp had ordinary light bulbs, the luminous flux would be 7.69 times smaller than the LED lighting.
The lamp also contains a battery charger. This is a very good solution. When the batteries run out, you do not have to pull them out, you just need to connect to the head, power supply or car charger, or a cable to connect to the computer. It is very important that these three power sources (mains charger, car charger, USB cable) are included with the lamp.
The lamp has several lighting modes. The headlamp is made of three lamps. By means of the button located on the top of the lamp, it is possible to control whether only one lamp or three lamps are lit at the same time. You can also select the mode if the headlamp is continuously lit or pulsing.

I will also be a globetrotter.

Thanks to LED lamps you will also be able to make long and interesting cycling trips. If you were limited by the distance, it will not be like that anymore. Remember, there are always places in the area that you have not seen, or that you have not seen for a long time. Nature is beautiful and you will be admired. Lakes, mountains, forests. Everywhere you will find interesting places to visit.
You do not know where to invite a girlfriend or boyfriend? Visiting the area, this will be the best way to get to know each other. A family trip to nature is a wonderful idea. If you do not love cycling. Other forms of spending free time are also very attractive. Imagine yourself among your loved ones in the bosom of nature. It will be a great unforgettable time.

Last year I cycled for at least 150 days.

I have been cycling for many years. I can not imagine life without this vehicle. As soon as the last snow melts, I jump on the bike and ride. I travel about 20 kilometers a day. It is not much, but when you drive all week, you can catch a good form. I do not care that I eat a lot of sweets especially. I easily burn them all on my bike. I am an honorary blood donor (I donate blood four times a year). My cycling also contributes to the fact that I have very good blood results.
I return very cheaply by bike at night, lighting is the basis for me. I use good equipment, one that is durable and reliable.

Our company gives one year warranty on LED head lamps. We are sure that the equipment we offer is durable and reliable. If you do not like our goods, you will simply give it back.

How do we order?

Our store tries to have as few unnecessary formalities as possible. So get to work. At the top right is the "Add to basket" button. Press him. When you put in the shopping basket all the shopping that interests you. On each page there is a basket at the top again. You have all the products you choose. After checking, you go through the "to check" button. You can choose a way without creating an account or creating an account. You make the payment and the goods are sent to you immediately.
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This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 10 March, 2018.
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