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Red power bank- red solar charger
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Red power bank-  red solar charger
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Red power bank - red solar charger

Blue solar charger, solar charger - containing a lithium battery with a capacity of 2600 mAh. Excellent value in stunning metallic housing. The charger is available color red.

Technical data:

- The power of 0.4 W to 0.7 W
- Output 5.5V
- Lithium battery with a capacity - 2600mAh
- Weight 120 grams
- Dimensions: 120 x 73 x 10 mm

User manual:

How we use portable chargers?

Portable phone charger keeps away from children. Do not hold the banks of energy at high temperature and close to the sources of fire. Powerbanki work best at room temperatures.The charger is easy to use, has a number of tips to allow loading all kinds of phone models, eg. IPhone, Samsung, Nokia. It has no power supply from the mains. However, the Bank of energy can be recharged from the mains via phone chargers, you can rówież charge the device using a computer (USB). A full charge takes eight hours of charging. But one should not charge it for longer than the specified time. Full charging device to the sun occurs after 10-18 hours. When charging solar charger green light is burning, and when the energy bank charging other devices red light diode.

Red power bank-  red solar charger

solar charger

The kit includes.

- Solar charger
- Cable
- 6 tips phones (Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson)

You can use it to power any device having a mini USB, or any of the given tips such. Mp4, navigation, electronic cameras, mp3, mp4 etc.

You're going camping? Do you like cycling and use navigation? We have a great offer for you! Impress your friends a great gadget that is solar charger, which is also a bank of energy !!



What can serve Powerbanki?

Power bank can charge the phoneEspecially banks Energy suited for charging smartphones. Portable chargersfor mobile, you can also charge the tablet (to charge these devices use output USB 2.1 A). Our company offers the best cheap portable charger. Powerbanki can also be used for charging electronic cameras. Amateurs andprofessionals will appreciate the photograph our best energy banksMobile phone chargers can be used to power the navigation, it is recommended especially for people riding bikesAlso amateurs any electronic handheld gameswill appreciate our banks energy. If you love musicholder of the mp3, mp4 or mp5 also you appreciate theadvantages of the Power of banks.

Trivia, did you know that:

mAh - is a unit of capacity in the batteries is a measure of its capacity. It is the product of voltage and time.

Note, these tidbits do not always refer to the above product soldCheck it out. 


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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 15 March, 2016.
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