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Mobile phone chargers, power banks - online shop RIGROUP

tanie powerbanki

Mobile phone chargers, power banks

tanie powerbanki 

In this category you will find all kinds of equipment intended for charging electronic devices.

DOCA D-G600 wielofunkcyjny Power bank

We have a wide range of energy banksThis equipment is very good for charging phones, tablets, electronic cameras, mp3, mp4We offerequipment from 2600 mAh to 50000 mAh.

If you do not feel like today I invite you to read the descriptions on the bottom of the page, there you will find products. However, if you want to know about the goods, I suggest you make yourself a cup of coffee - Happy reading.

 Power banks

What are mobile phone chargers?

Portable chargers save modern electronics.

I think you will agree with me that the weakest link in today's phones are their batteries. Also, the batteries in the tablet are not a source of pride for electronics retailers. Manufacturers try to ensure consumers that their products can work for many hours. Unfortunately, the truth is different, today's phones are very energy intensive. 

Electronic gadgets need frequent charging. An increasing number of phones even require daily charging. Not only that the market can find models that need charging every few hours when operated very intensively. Modern smartphones have many interesting features. Cameras, flashlights, phones can also be radio receivers have a word with many functions. 

These devices are very interesting, but also more and more energy.
It is, therefore always have the charger and power outlet handy.


Power bank

Mobile Phone Charger 50000mAh

Mobile phone charger worth it to have.

Probably often they met with a situation that you have no energy in your phone and you need to urgently contact someone, or urgently connect to the Internet. And here as the anger is not charger or power outlet. Is it must be so? No. The solution is a portable phone charger. 

Then it does not matter whether it is near the electrical outlet if it is not. This type of device is easy to use, is very helpful. With it, you do not have to unnecessarily stress, your life can be easier and more fun.

DOCA D-G600 wielofunkcyjny Power bank

Banks of energy, of which it is composed?

Mobile phone chargers generally are built with battery, USB ports, and electronic controllers

The unit will charge just connect it to the electronic device (smartphone, tablet, or, for example, a camera). In the majority of mobile phone chargers are very small, you can wear them for example in your pocket. 

Weight average energy of banks varies between 69 and 160 grams. Today, we also slightly heavier device company DOCA. This equipment is fully professional. It has an electronic power meter. 
Ri group

Power banks and their most important parameters.

Very important parameter, power banks, which pay special attention to the capacity of the battery. The size of this is determined within a mile of ampere-hours (mAh). In general, mobile phone chargers oscillate between 2600 - 50 000 mAh. 

We sell a wide range of different models. It is worth considering which model to choose. Contact us and we will help you choose the right model. If you want to protect against emergency situations is sufficient to have a small footprint, for example those with a capacity of 2600 mAh. If you use often with electronic gadgets (electronic games, often playing on your smartphone, you're shooting with a digital camera), you should use the 'monster' of 50 000 mAh

Power bank 2600 mAh 

Power bank 2600 mAh

Mobile Phone Charger, consider a model.

Following this path would seem that the higher the portable charger, the better. There is always needed at the moment a large battery charger is sometimes enough to entirely, for example, 2600 mAh. However, whether it is big or small equipment, pay attention to energy losses. Various models of mobile phone chargers have different energy. Tend to be models, where losses are up to 28%, there are also those that are losing only 4% of the energy. Also, energy losses occur when the devices are inappropriate electronic controllers. So, if your bank energy heats up as significant, this means that large energy losses occur.

tanie powerbanki


Part portable charger has two USB outputs. If you want to charge the iPad at such time as is done loading from the network must be connected to the output of 2.1 A. When we use the second USB output or 1 A charging time will be increased twice. Remember, however, that sometimes you use frequently exit! And, as mentioned, the charging time is true is longer but less destroys the battery - less hot. So you may want to load from your computer. The computer has an output of about 0.5 A, the charging is longer but safer for your battery.

Mobile phone chargers, can heat up when charging. The principle is simple, the more heating device the worse. If the temperature during this process exceed 40 degrees, it means that the power bank has lost a lot of energy. You might want to invest in a more expensive but more reliable hardware. If you long to enjoy the reliability of equipment, always choose wisely.


After discharging the portable power banks to load. It should have a means of indicating the level of energy, whether through the LEDs indicating the amount of energy, or are counter. Fill your device can be in two ways. First, connect the battery to the computer and thus charge the energy bank. I recommend this charging method, since the USB output of a computer is only 0.5 A, charging Power bank is longer, but much more friendly to him (your portable charger will no longer serve you). Another way is to use a charging charger from your phone or tablet.

Equipment companies DOCA

High, quality workmanship have a device company DOCA. It is a professional manufacturer of batteries. Featured models 13 000 mAh D566B. This device has an LCD display and two outputs 1 A and 2.1 A.

DOCA D566B portable charger for cellphones and tablets



Our devices are easy to useThe vast majority of them have a number of terminals that allow you to adjust the portable charger for a particular phone model. Ask us about your phone model and we will give you the informationwhich tip to use.


Our company's focus is on quality, so our products are always of the highest qualityOur phone accessories are also permanently.Offered devices are light and handy.

Check us out!

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Cheap DOCA D566B powerbanks
 Cheap DOCA D566B powerbanks     Price:
21.20 Euro

  Cheap DOCA D566B powerbanks You are now looking for a power bank that will give you a lot of energy and little stress. There are many different models of ... 
DOCA D-G600 Power bank
 DOCA D-G600 Power bank     Price:
323.57 Euro

DOCA D-G600 Power bank  Brand  Type DOCA D-G600 ... 
DOCA D516 gold mobile phone charger
 DOCA D516 gold mobile phone charger     Price:
6.69 Euro

DOCA D516 gold mobile phone charger Net weight -0,09 kg Gross weight - 0.14 kg. Power supply 5.0 V - 1 A ... 
DOCA D516 Portable Chargers
 DOCA D516 Portable Chargers     Price:
6.69 Euro

DOCA D516 Portable Chargers What is this? Is it small, reliable, fit everywhere and full of energy? Yes, of course, the answer is obvious, it's a portable charger. This charger is very ... 
DOCA D589 15000 mAh
 DOCA D589 15000 mAh     Price:
54.06 Euro

What primers are universal? The best powerbank for phones, the best energy banks for laptops and the best starters for starting combustion engines.   We are still missing pita, pitu and energy.     The twenty-first century is a ... 
DOCA Power banks 13 000 mAh D566B
 DOCA Power banks 13 000 mAh D566B     Price:
18.97 Euro

DOCA Power banks 13 000 mAh D566B  Brand  Type DOCA ... 
Portable charger D607 black
 Portable charger D607 black     Price:
17.85 Euro

Portable charger D607 black The reliable portable charger, which is currently being discussed, belongs to a group of large loaders. The device has as much as 10,000 mAh, so ... 
Portable Charger FOR D607 10000mAh
 Portable Charger FOR D607 10000mAh     Price:
17.85 Euro

Portable Charger FOR D607 10000mAh  Brand  Type DOCA D607 The new power bank with lithium polymer cells. This type of ... 
Portable chargerD566B green
 Portable chargerD566B green     Price:
18.97 Euro

Portable chargerD566B green Housing-ABS + PC Durability - 5000 h Works in the temperature range - 40 to + ... 
Portable DOCA D579 Charger
 Portable DOCA D579 Charger     Price:
44.63 Euro

Portable DOCA D579 Charger Power Bank D579 technical specifications: Capacity 10,000 mAh ... 
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