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Power bank




(pol. Przenośne ładowarki do telefonów)

We cordially invite you to our shop.


Here are some of our proposals.

Welcome to the Ri Group!

In response to market demand we set up shop online with portable chargers for phones and tabletsLED strips and handles phone5050 SMD LED, LED 5m, banks, energy, LED lamps to the car, CREE LED flashlights, mobile batteries, power bank 13000 mah, mah 50000, solar charger - all this and much more we can offer you.


We offer a wide range of banks, energy at a good price - equipment for the phone, tablet, electronic camera, mp3 and mp4. We deliver from 2600 mAh to 50000 mAh. It's simple to use products that have a number of terminals. Therefore you will have no problems fitting our portable chargers to the appropriate phone. If you do not know which terminal to use, with the desire to solve your problem.

tanie powerbanki

Our car holders for mobile and tablet, the original models, which very often do not get anywhere outside of our shop. It's a good choice for all individuals. Offered products provide you with comfort and safety while driving.


You can also sell models of handles to the phone, which you can use in your home or office.

When it comes to LED lighting, LEDs 5050. We offer LED lighting in the car and rooms - cheap, energy-efficient and increasingly popular solution. Surely you've seen highlighted shopping site for his help.

We focus on quality. That's why we take care of adequate strength and convenience of our products. With the help of search engine you will find what you are looking for. Cheap power bank, solar charger for your phone, mobile battery, flashlight on his head - all of these products can also classify on the basis of price or manufacturer.

We encourage you to register at our online store. This will help you in quick purchases and give the ability to track the status of their orders. We also recommend chapters "travel" and "news". Enjoy your shopping!

Welcome to the world of RI groupInnovation, modernity, these concepts are very close to us. You will find in our interesting device. Maybe not often seen, but it certainly will be used in the future on a large rock.

Are not you afraid news? You are the original maverick? If so you hit the mark. Surprise yourself, surprise your friends, interesting solutions and interesting devices.

You will find a wide selection of productsWe specialize in all kinds of electronics. We tried to make our products the best quality,we also that prices were not excessive. We want products to be interesting gadgets. We want our customers to be proud ownersof these devices. We want to be the best in the industry!

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you would like to have a product and not on our side. Perhaps we can bring it for you. We are an importer, so also our prices are affordable. Contact us and perhaps our offer created specially for you will satisfy you.


Mobile phone chargers, power banks.


(pol. Przenośne ładowarki do telefonów)


Cheap energy banks, in other words, mobile phone chargers are needed or not you think?

I, like many of us here on this site, we all agree that the biggest problem of modern phones are their batteries. Surely we all met up with the situation that you have somewhere urgently call and a lack of power on the device, you have to play the end of a fascinating game and here meatloaf - the lack of electricity. Engineers invent ever new "wonders". Unfortunately, newer devices are more energy-intensive. Sometimes consistently you operate a few hours, and unfortunately you have to recharge. The standard does the fact of daily recharging. We always would like to have a phone charger and the wall socket. It is wonderful when you have an electrical outlet handy. Frequently and heavily, however, it is that you are somewhere in the area, on bike, on the bus, on fish or in many other places and here the bad luck just phone is unloaded. Certainly, and you survived such moments.

Power bank

Power bank 50000 mAh

Portable charger, what they are?

When the lack of energy in your phone when you are not working your favorite electronic game. When there is no power in the electronic camera. On the downside there is no access to an electrical outlet. What to do? The solution is portable phone chargers. Powerbanki check great in these situations are small, they are light, they are very helpful. Connect it to your favorite device and it will start working again. Currently on the market are great gadgets have only one drawback are energy intensive. Do it by yourself you have to recite great entertainment? No. Our facilities help you enjoy a long time your favorite gadgets.

Power bank


Power bank 2600 mAh

Portable charger, of which it is composed?

Mobile phone chargers consist primarily of the battery. This is usually a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Powerbanki also have electronic controls. Their service is very simple. Full of energy charger simply connect (using the appropriate protruding tips) to an electronic device. Basically, mobile phone charger can be charged in addition to the phone, tablet, electronic cameras, mp3, mp4, mp5, navigation and many, many other devices.


What is the most important parameter of portable chargers?

One of the most important parameters of banking power is the capacity of the battery. This value is expressed in a mile Ampere hours (mAh). Our store offers mobile phone chargers, which have a capacity of 2600 mAh to 50000 mAh. The questions arise whether it is worth to have so large a portable charger (50 000 mAh). Sometimes it is worth, for example, if you have a tablet or phone, which is pretty much operated at the same time or when you want to charge your tablet and phone. So, in that respect, it should be POWERBANK 50000 mAh. However, if you need just in case (because, for example, do not talk much, but you can not afford to lack of power in the phone) is sufficient to completely cheap energy bank 2600 mAh.


What to look for in the selection of portable chargers?


Pay attention to your power bank, or heats up appreciably when loading. If the mobile phone chargers heat above 40 degrees Celsius, it means that your bank has energy inefficient batteries. You may want to invest in better equipment to ensure that a significant part of your energy is in the device, and do not lose it in the process of raising the temperature of the device.

How to charge the portable charger to the phone?

Charging the portable charger is very simple. This can be done using the charger of your mobile phone. (Note note that in your charger to the phone is the ability to change wire) Power bank has a different entrance than a phone. Another way to charge a bank of energy is to connect it to your computer. For this purpose, use the USB port

We offer a very good quality equipment. These mobile accessories are comfortable and safe. Mobile phone chargers are becoming increasingly essential in everyday life. Very often we use the phones. These cameras serve us in a million ways. For them, we watch our favorite movies on them surfs the Web and especially by not talking. It should therefore be covered in the form of energy banks, are inexpensive, are highly reliable, lightweight and elegant. Become a modern man and make your life to be lighter, more pleasant with less stress. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer. Because the best cheap energy are the only banks in the RI group !!!


SMD 5050 LED strip

Why use LED lighting?

I need changes? Do you feel that it would add to the news? You should think about LED lighting. This type of lighting is cheap and efficient. It is worth looking closely tapes LED. Probably you have seen this type of tape in stores, lighting, for example, the cabinet exhibition.

Where can I use LED strips?

These LED lighting for illuminating any surface. Starting with kitchen furniture through to the bathroom. Beautifully presented the showcases illuminated LED strips., But you can have a better lighting! It is used LED strip especially their version of RGB. Now, if only you want, you can have almost all of the colors, you decide what color today shine for you.

SMD 5050 LED strip

SMD 5050 LED strip

5050 SMD LED strip RGB, this is it!

What are the tapes RGB? Lighting of this type allows you to change the color of the emitted light. With the help of a simple remote control you change the color of your lighting. Colors are several, not just basic as red, blue, green or white, but much more.

LED strip waterproof and simple.

Tape to protect from moisture can be divided into tape waterproof tape and ordinary. The latter can be successfully used in places where there is no access to moisture, there's tape works in a reliable and safe. The kitchen should use waterproof tape. This type of lighting is lagging limiting access of moisture.

What LEDs to choose when purchasing LED strips?

When choosing LED strips note that the LEDs have the device. In my opinion it is worth using LEDs 5050 SMD. On the market there are many LED strips (see our products at the bottom of the page you will find interest in them and descriptions of various types of diodes). The most efficient LEDs used in LED tape is 5050 SMD.

How many LED strip LED worth having?

When considering your ideal lighting, you should think whether you prefer to light it was a bit scattered (I do not mean in the remote dimmer that regulates the intensity of the light - some of our models have it) it) by a reduced number of LEDs. For example, using a strip of 30 LEDs per meter. The light is a little point. For example, when the cabinet glue several rows of strips. Should be applied is this model that the light was not too intense in such cases, you should choose a model with 30 LEDs. When you want to keep only one government to choose LED strip 60 or more LEDs. It should also be remembered that the more LEDs that more power has your strip and hence bills are rising. On average tapes have 11 of the metro.

Personally, adjust the length of the LED strip.

An interesting feature of LED strips, is that you can customize yourself tape length for your needs. Our LED strips are visible marking where to cut the tape. Now you yourself can adjust the length of the luminous surface.

We also sell all kinds of LED strips. If you do not see a particular tape you're looking for, ask us about it. Surely we can order it for you. We always have affordable prices of these devices.
In particular, we RGB versions.

Flashlight Ultrafire

-The necessary equipment in the home garden and not only ...
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