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Pink Metallic DOCA 5000mAh portable charger D606
Your Price: 14.28 Euro
Pink Metallic DOCA 5000mAh portable charger D606
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Pink Metallic DOCA 5000mAh portable charger D606, banks, energy pink metallic 5 000 mAh D606

Make   Model
DOCA   D606

Do you want to load your phone, you need to load tablet or you're a music lover and you love your mp3? Just for these items is dedicated to the POWERBANK!

Nothing will happen when you glance at the data:

  • capacity - 5 000 mAh
  • battery - lithium polymer
  • battery - 18650 lithium cells
  • unit supplies 5 V - 1.5 A
  • the power supply 5.0 V - 1000 mA
  • Dimensions: 136 x 64 x 10 mm
  • weight - 130 g.
  • durability - 5000 h
  • operating temperature range of - 45 to + 75 degrees Celsius

A few words about the manual mobile charger:

How to consume it POWERBANK?

Bank of energy
to the battery, so must be handled with care. Protect it from mechanical damage and protect it from heat. Do not expose the device to direct contact with fire. The charger must be protected against children
Mobile phone charger to charge from a computer (using the supplied cables and USB) or via a network charger (having a micro-USB cable or removable). The device itself does not have a charger.
A full charge takes approximately 8-10 hours. Energy bank is equipped with LEDs that indicate how much energy is in the device.

Powerbank DOCA 5000 mAh

Pink DOCA - power bank 5 000 mAh

What's in the kit?:

Mobile phone charger
- USB cable - micro-USB

You can not sit at home, tempting you to go out, go somewhere. You love exercise, fresh air, bicycle, camping and hiking. Need, however, contact with the world. Besides the houses lacking electrical sockets, so you should have with them a portable charger. It is light, it is roomy and reliable. With models with higher capacity several times you are able to charge your phone. When looking for good quality at a good price then remember that the best cheap bank Power is in our store.

Why do we need such a wonder as mobile phone charger?

Pink DOCA, and how many other banks, energy can charge a lot of electronic devices. In principle can be any device powered by 5V 1A or 2.1 A. If you have input micro-USB cable can be used with the kit, if not it will need a cable to plug to match the device being loaded and a USB port (this connector is the output of a mobile charger ). So, no problem recharge our tablet device, an electronic camera, the whole family MP3, MP4 and MP5 and many other useful equipment.


Trivia, did you know that:

Where used batteries also lithium-polymeric -is that due to its low weight of these batteries are used in model airplanes? Work is also working on producing the batteries of the type that would be used in vehicles.
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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 06 September, 2016.
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