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Mobile DOCA D566BQ Charger
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Mobile DOCA D566BQ Charger
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Mobile DOCA D566BQ Charger

Specifications: D566BQ

  • Weight - 270 g.
  • The unit supplies 5 V - 3A, 2A
  • Capacity - 13 000 mAh
  • Power supply 5.0 V - 2000 mA
  • Dimensions: 138 x 62 x 22 mm
  • Housing-ABS + PC
  • Works in the temperature range - 40 to + 60 degrees Celsius
  • Battery - 18650 lithium cells
  • Colors: black, blue, pink, yellow, beads, red.

Another business trip. You do not have good humor, the hourlong meeting has ended the flap. Detriment. To make matters worse this weekend, you had to go to the tent. And this business trip here. You improve comfortably in a train seat, take your phone and look at social media. And Aunt Zyta bought the bus, and this neighbor Fredek grew the largest pears in the county. After a while you are only thinking about what you are watching. You see an interesting video on YouTube, watching a great RIgroup online store. Until suddenly, there is no electricity in the phone. That `s nothing. You think. I have a network charger, I will plug it somewhere. Unfortunately, there is no such thing in trains. You had to call the boss with a meeting report, but a nightmare. Someone seeing your sadness lent you a mobile charger. There would be so much stress if you had power bankes.


mobile DOCA D566BQ Charger


Good charger pretty good brand

13000 mAh. Is that a lot? This type of mobile charger is classified to the average group. This device will charge the phone several times. It is not a problem for this battery to fully charge the tablet. Very useful thing is that it holds up to two USB outputs. Thanks to this solution we can charge up to two electronic devices. The charger is not designed for powering phones or tablets only. Thanks to it, you can load devices that need 5 V 1 A or 2,1 A power supply. For example, I was able to load a small LED strip with a USB connector. A very useful solution in this device is the monochrome display. In other words, it displays the numbers. The display shows the percentage of accumulated energy. Thanks to this solution you are always sure how much energy you still have. If you see that you no longer have power or just want to recharge your device, you are plugged into a network charger. Full charge of this
device grasses about 6-8 hours. With the charger, you get a cord that will make it easier for you to load electronic devices. If you have a device with a slot other than Micro USB, you can use other cables.


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This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 05 August, 2017.
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