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LED panels


oświetlenie lED

LED panels

The best lighting for offices.

LED 40 W panels are the best office lighting. Usually in offices, lamps are used in which T8 fluorescent lamps are used as the light source. These are good lamps, but they have a major disadvantage, the cost of their operation is very large. Why unnecessarily spend money on electricity? Start saving at the end and use LED lighting. In contrast, LED panels are best suited for lighting office rooms.


LED panels
Welcome to the online store Ri Grooup. On our Ston you will find a number of different lighting solutions. Our company specializes in LED lighting. We want to bring you the advantages of such lighting, it is worth focusing on the panels. The LED 40 W panels look very interesting.
You can only gain.
Have you ever wondered why your company is growing so slowly? Do you still have to translate your plans for restructuring? Are you still missing money?
The solution is LED lighting !!!
Did you know that you can save up to 90% of electricity ???
Just think what you can do with the money saved so much !!!
Maybe you would like LED 40 W panels, but you are afraid that you will not only have to spend on the lamps themselves, but you will also have to change the suspended ceiling. You are scared by the costs and time devoted to it. It does not have to be that way. If in your offices you have suspended ceilings, and on them were mounted 600 mm x 600 mm lamps with a T8 light source. In this case, no problem, just replace the lamps.


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