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LED lamps for cars, in terms of efficient lighting - RIGROUP
oswietlenie LED samochodu

LED lighting for cars and bikes

If you do not feel like today I invite you to read the descriptions on the bottom of the pagethere you will find productsHowever, if you want to know about the goods, I suggest you make yourself a cup of coffee - Happy reading.

LED lamps in the car, why have them?


Currently, LED (or light emitting diodes) are very popular. Why is this happening? It turned out that the LEDs are very efficient in terms of light. For example, LED bulbs 700lm to work need only 7 W. The traditional bulb 50 has a luminous flux of approximately 700 lmAs you can see the difference in power is colossal.
LED lighting is becoming more and more popular. 
On the one hand, it influenced by the fact that the lighting it is very economical. While on the other hand, the relatively low power, we can get a large beam, and it is this reason made the lamps of this type also found their way into the automotive industry.


6000 lm LED - lights for off-road vehicles.

If you love driving off-road car and sometimes you go after dark, you should purchase a good lamp. Recommend LED lighting. As previously mentioned with relatively little power you can get a huge stream of light. Take a close look offered by our LED lamps. With the power of 60 W to 6000 lm luminous flux. Thanks to them you can illuminate the parking lot. From this moment you will not be scary any area. There is no fear that something did not notice it.

Is it easy to install LED lighting for cars?

The kits are getting together with lamps wiring. The whole process is very easy to mount. However, if you are not adept worth it for your own safety, go to a reputable garage.

ri group

LED lamps for car use only for their intended purpose.

WARNING! Remember that you must not use such strong lighting on public roads. Some lights are only applicable to road riding, and there also should be used.
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LED lighting for bicycles
 LED lighting for bicycles     Price:
22.32 Euro

LED lighting for bicycles For all lovers of bicycles have prepared interesting lighting. Set comprises a front and a rear lamp. Both lights have solar panels and are therefore environmentally friendly. Lamps are perfect for everyday use. The ... 
Light blue LED light for bike
 Light blue LED light for bike     Price:
3.12 Euro

Light blue LED light for bike   Bicycle LED lights, they can also be attached to a sweatshirt or a backpack. Here we present an interesting form of lighting. Led lamps have an interesting shape, a long elastic tip for mounting on ... 
Light green LED light for bike
 Light green LED light for bike     Price:
3.12 Euro

Light green LED light for bike Bicycle LED lights, which can also be hung on for example on clothing. We offer a unique unique product that will make you look very interesting and at the same time ensure you safety. ... 
Light red LED light for bike
 Light red LED light for bike     Price:
3.12 Euro

Light red LED light for bike LED lighting for bike and more. If you want to be the owner of interesting, waterproof bicycle lighting, then I invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of our online store. LED lighting in ... 
LED lamps for off-road vehicles
 LED lamps for off-road vehicles     Price:
111.58 Euro

LED lamps for off-road vehicles A set of LED lamps - two pieces. Lamps help to illuminate the area. You can not use them in normal traffic situations, because they are very efficient and oślepiałyby other road users. They can be used in ... 
Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products) Result Pages:  1 
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