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LED lighting for bicycles
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LED lighting for bicycles
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LED lighting for bicycles

For all lovers of bicycles have prepared interesting lighting. Set comprises a front and a rear lamp. Both lights have solar panels and are therefore environmentally friendly. Lamps are perfect for everyday use. The front lamp has four white LEDs, two red rear. The front lamp can be charged also with a cable. It has a miniUSB connector. Loading of this lamp is very easy. The rear lamp can be charged only with the help of sunlight. The front lamp is lit in two ways
  • continuous light
  • graduated flashing
While the rear lamp has three different modes of illumination.

Technical data:

  • Weight front light - 180 grams.
  • Weight rear light - 65 grams

LED lighting for bicycles

How to use lighting for bicycles?

Lamp front and rear have special handles that very easily mounts to the bike. Handles have special fasteners (quick connector), which is very easy to separate the handle of the lamp. It enables assembly and disassembly without loosening the lamp holders.
The front lamp has four LEDs cold white light. On the upper part of the lamp is a solar panel for charging the device using sunlight. The lamp can also be charged using a USB cable - mini USB. The USB connector can be inserted into a computer, traditional chargers (having the USB port) or Powerbanku. At the lamp housing is also a button to turn on and off. The lamp has two modes. The first is a continuous light, the second mode is a flashing light. The button is highlighted and, as it gets more red-it means that the battery is running out of energy.
The rear lamp has two red LEDs. On the housing llama is a solar panel for charging by sunlight. From the bottom of the lamp is a special button to turn on and off lights and changing to different modes ordination (different flashing sequences)

Kit lamps bicycle includes:

  • Front light
  • Rear lamp
  • Handles for LAPM.

The lamp is ideal for bike enthusiasts. It is made of good materials, it is also reliable. For many months I have used this type of lighting, and I'm very happy with it. Difficult weather conditions (rain, frost) does not interfere with the operation of these devices. In the summer months, spring and autumn did not need additional charge via USB, sunlight brilliantly was loading lamp. In winter, some have also helped an additional charging. On average, two hours a day I was using these lamps. I recommend heartily.

Trivia, did you know that:

Did you know that the Polish name BIKE comes from the name of the British company Rover, which formerly produced bicycles.

Note, these tidbits do not always refer to the above product sold. Check it out.
Lack of review.
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This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 05 February, 2017.
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