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LED lamps 18 W
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LED lamps 18 W
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LED lamps 18 W

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LED lamps 18 W.
The lighting is designed for indoor installation. The source of light in the lamp are LED diodes (light emitting diodes). This type of lighting guarantees long and effective lighting.

Why are they long? LED lighting is characterized by a very long life. What does it mean for a long life. LED lamps operate on average 50,000 hours. It's about 2083 days of continuous operation. It's over 5 years of uninterrupted operation. How is this type of lighting for traditional lighting? Normal light bulbs last around 1000 hours.

LED lamps 18 W

Why effective? LED lamp efficiency ranges from 70 to 130 lumens from cotton wool. The lamp offered on this site has a capacity of 100 lumens of cotton wool. What is lumen? It is a unit of luminous flux. If you study the amount of lumens per square meter, then you are talking about luxes.

Returning, however, to the merits of the case. If we take the standard light bulb as an example, this device emits 1350 lumens from 100 watts. However, a 100 watt LED lamp emits 10,000 lumens. Thus, it can be seen that LED lighting has no comparison with traditional lighting.

The offered LED lamp is designed for indoor lighting of rooms. The device can be mounted on ceilings in at least two ways:

First. LED 18 W lamps can be mounted on suspended ceilings. The lamps are very easy to install.

Secondly, the lamps can be directly mounted to ceilings using a rail that is included (the lamp included also has two screws)

LED 18 W lamps have aluminum heat sinks in the form of a housing. The back of the lamp is made of this material. This solution excellently dissipates excess heat. Offered lamps have fastening rings made of plastic. Lamps are offered in four colors: white, black, gold and silver.
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