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LED flashlights, flashlight on his head, necessary for everyday life-RIGROUP


The best LED flashlight

If you do not feel like today I invite you to read the descriptions on the bottom of the pagethere you will find productsHowever, if you want to know about the goods, I suggest you make yourself a cup of coffee - Happy reading.

Welcome to the section dealing with LED flashlightsIn our shop you will find the best flashlight. Very interesting proposal flashlight on his head.

Latarka LED 3800 lumenów

Why use LED flashlight instead of the usual traditional flashlight?

revolution LED

Light-emitting diodes (LED) is a very interesting electronic components. This type of LEDs plays in recent times a very important role. LEDs, or light emitting diodes are much more efficient than traditional lighting. We can ask ourselves the question: "Efficient and what does it mean?" It means that the amount of lumens (light), compared to the power consumption is much more favorable than such ratio in the traditional lighting. It is also much more favorable than the ratio in the so-called energy-saving fluorescent lamps. In other words, you pay much less use of LED lighting.

What does it matter if LED flashlights?


lampa led na głowe

Does it have meaning for us the cost of lighting the torch? Maybe for someone there, but not in this thing. With the same battery using LEDs, you can get a lot more light. For example, a simple little LED flashlight with a length not exceeding fifteen centimeters can have a luminous flux 2000 lumens.

And what about the fact that so many lumens, because nothing I is not saying

I used to use were the traditional incandescent light bulb of 100 W. This had a light stream 1300 lumens. I think that having a small flashlight 2 000 lumens makes the impression here. What do you say when you propose even stronger tiny flashlight - 2300 lumens?

Who are these flashlights?

Flashlights are designed for amateurs and professionals. This equipment is solidly constructed. Most flashlights made of aluminum, a good example is the LED flashlight cree. A large part also has excellent quality COB. Flashlights can be applied to cycling. Just buy a handle and have great lighting the front of the bicycle. LED flashlights are also widely used in mechanics, aerospace and automotive. The powerful beam of light definitely helps them perform their work. This equipment is also used in the home. Flashlight such has thousands of applications in the household.
Part offered in our store flashlights have a system to reduce or expand the illuminated surface. This happens due to changes in the length of LED flashlights.
Another interesting feature is the ability to light a flashlight pulsed. Just very quickly press the power button twice (ask the vendor or read descriptions whether this particular model has this feature).

Cree LED Flashlight

latarka LED cree

Cree LED flashlight has an aluminum housing, is so light and durable. In addition, a specially formed head can be used as a hammer to break the glass in the car. This flashlight can save our lives. The car is always worthwhile to have a set of tools and a flashlight. You never know what we may encounter on the way.

Flashlight head

Another interesting device is the flashlight on his head also called the headlamp. This is a convenient lamp, as the system of elastic bands holds her on the head and the samy have free hands. This LED lamp is very suitable for cycling. It has several ranges of lighting. Luminous flux in the lamp can reach the level of 6000 lm. It is a powerful flash. It is worth remembering that full light be used only in remote areas, so as not to dazzle people. You can also direct the light downwards.
Flashlight head has a battery and two battery chargers. One is a network charger, second battery charger to the cigarette lighter socket.
This lamp is not only ideal for cycling, can be used in garages. Because the hands are free and you can freely move them, headlamp can also be used for all kinds of hiking and exploring caves.

Flashlights LED

This equipment is essential in everyday life. Flashlights every day make our lives easier. Many times they can also save our lives. We recommend equipment of good quality that will serve long and reliably. We cordially invite you to our shop.

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LED flashlight 3800 lumens
 LED flashlight 3800 lumens     Price:
19.41 Euro

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LED Flashlight Ultrafire
 LED Flashlight Ultrafire     Price:
16.74 Euro

LED Flashlight 2000 lm Well-made flashlight for professionals and amateurs. Ultrafire CREE XML T6 Technical data: 2000 lm luminous flux aluminum housing type of battery / accumulator A, AAA User manual: The flashlight ... 
LED lamp head 6000 lm
 LED lamp head 6000 lm     Price:
19.41 Euro

LED lamp head 6000 lm Movie Well-made flashlight for professionals and amateurs. LED LAMP FOR HEAD Technical data: luminous flux 6000lm power - 20 W weight - 219 g. waterproof three headlights aluminum housing Battery type / ... 
LED lamp head 9000 lm
 LED lamp head 9000 lm     Price:
20.53 Euro

LED lamp head 9000 lm This is an excellent equipment both for professionals and amateurs. Handle that secures the light source on the head makes the lamp is very convenient to use. The equipment is ... 
What type of lighting is best for cyclists?
 What type of lighting is best for cyclists?     Price:
18.98 Euro

What type of Lighting is Best for Cyclists?   Night trips on a single track.     We love bicycles, we love movement. Sometimes, in our love, we are so fast that we do not notice that the day is over. We still have a long ... 
LED Flashlight 2300 lm CREE XM-L L2
 LED Flashlight 2300 lm CREE XM-L L2     Price:
12.94 Euro

LED Flashlight 2300 lm CREE XM-L L2 20% brighter than T6   Exquisitely made torch for mechanics and hikers.     CREE XM-L L2 Technical data: luminous flux 2300 lm aluminum housing type battery / battery: AAA ... 
Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products) Result Pages:  1 
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