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LED Flashlight Ultrafire
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LED Flashlight Ultrafire
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LED Flashlight 2000 lm

Well-made flashlight for professionals and amateurs.

Ultrafire CREE XML T6

Technical data:

2000 lm luminous flux
aluminum housing
type of battery / accumulator A, AAA

User manual:

The flashlight should be re- moved. You can spin the same head or spin the handle. In order to start the preparation of a flashlight, spin the handle. After hanging in the flashlight you will find a special module on three batteries. You can insert the batteries, make a flashlight and start to use it. You can also remove the battery module, insert the sleeve of plastic (included) and insert the battery. It is recommended not to insert the battery itself without the sleeve. Turn the flashlight. It can now freely use it. At the bottom of the flashlight's switch. Flashlight has a movable head - lengthening and shortening the length of the torch causes a change in the lighting device. The torch also has the option of continuous light or blink at two different intervals. When you press the control switch once it is lit torch light stays on when you press quickly twice the unit flashes.

The kit includes:

- LED Flashlight 2000 lm
- Sleeve made of plastic
- charger
- Two batteries

Do you know how much is 2 000 lm? (a light beam stronger than two bulbs of 100 W)
A good brand at a good price !!

Is a professional flashlight designed for everyday use. Excellent cool white lighting surface allows not only for the evening ride a bicycle, but also ensures its use in everyday life. Its usefulness has been tested by aircraft mechanics, fans of the bike and not only.

chargers NiteCore
chargers NiteCore

Trivia, did you know that:

Do you know when I applied for the first time a light bulb for advertising? - Heinrich Göbel in 1854, for the first time in a practical light bulb used for advertising. Had described bulb filament fiber with charred bamboo.

Note, these tidbits do not always refer to the above product sold. Check it out.

Lack of review.
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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 05 November, 2015.
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