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Handles for phones and tablets, versatile, flexible, and adhesive gel

Handles for mobile and tablets

If you do not feel feel like reading about products invite you to the very bottom of the page,where you'll find specific products. However, if you would like to learn something about the item, I suggest you do yourself a lemonade - Happy reading.

Phone holders, why are they so important?

In this category we present you high quality accessories for phones and tablets. On these pages, mainly focusing on the handles for electronic devices. We are interested in phones and tablets. At the bottom of the page we present interesting handles. We want not only "conventional" models. We would like to offer you also include models that are not available in other stores. If you want to stand out in the crowd to come to the same jackpot. Some of these items may be used in other vehicles and in homes or offices are also handles that can be used in cars or in homes. We invite you cordially.

What was it like to live without handles?

Car phone holder is the best example. Probably many of you drives a car, probably a lot of people talking on the phone while driving (of course using Speakerphone). Wyobraźciożna prevent such situations that myself that do not have a handle. Always hands nervously obszukują in search of the phone. Often you are forced to look away from the road. Is it safe? Searches the backpack, purse, or whatever you have to find that coveted item. Is it safe? You can prevent this from happening. Just hold the handle to the phone. In such cases, you do not have to tear your eyes from the road and you will always know where your phone.

Which handles phone use in the car? 


conventional handles


If you use navigation and besides leading voice you sometimes like to look at the phone screen, you should have a handle that can be attached to the windshield of your car. We offer a model of the device suitable for this one hundred percent. It has a reliable, stable suction cup that allows secure attachment to the windshield. The suction cup is equipped with a special tensioning enables suction. In this regard clip that secures the phone in a safe and stable and movable head lets you rotate the phone in any direction, long stable foot also helps in finding the most correct position. This handle can also hold you, other devices such as navigation and portable charger. It is also possible to use the car holder for tablet through it, you can passengers in the car offer an interesting movie or program.

Grip adhesive.

This is a very interesting subject. It is a very soft material for mounting the phone. This handle is designed so that it adheres to the various surfaces, it applies to one and which on the other hand. The handle has the shape of a rectangle with rounded ends. Very simply mount it, simply place it on a surface (eg. Your desktop car) and he adheres to. You can repeatedly attach and detach the handle. Once you have glued the handle where the most, we can put him on the phone and it will also be glued. This type of operation can be performed repeatedly. It is recommended that mobile phones were glued to the slope of about 70 degrees, the phones have different housing in rare cases the handle may not be able to fulfill its function. Before use, check whether your phone adheres well to handle. There are also phones that can be fixed vertically, for example, in the refrigerator.

Phone holders flexible

This is a very interesting and innovative device. 
This object is made of a flexible metal coated with a soft plastic. Metal makes the handle is stable and you can shape it in any way. While the plastic provides protection for your phone and tablet. Handle such is not able to scratch your phone. It is a wonderful thing for people full of imagination. In fact, to create millions of different shapes, only your imagination is the limit here. Also, holders can be applied to other devices. This subject is a wonderful car holder for tablets, with a large tablet, use a larger number of handles. It can be mounted anywhere. It is easy to install, is an innovative and rare device.

I hope this little introduction closer to you about handles phone. Hope do you like we offer car phone holderWe invite you also to our 
 there any questions we will give you detailed information. Feel free to contact email and direct. We are at your disposal. Remember, too, that the best car holder for tablet only in the RI group!
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Car holder for phones and tablets
 Car holder for phones and tablets     Price:
5.58 Euro

Car holder for phones Click on the link above and see this product on YouTube! Introducing the wonderful product - a universal car holder for your phone. Excellent workmanship is here combined with functionality (ability to rotate the ... 
Handle tackifier silica gel
 Handle tackifier silica gel     Price:
0.78 Euro

 Handle tackifier silica gel slip       This item can be used among other things for fixing the iPhone 4s, 5s, 6, 6 plus, Samsung Galaxy S6, S6edge, LG G3, G2, Sony Xperia, Z1, ... 
Universal handle on steering wheels
 Universal handle on steering wheels     Price:
1.61 Euro

 Universal handle on steering wheels   If you use the navigation on your phone and you need it in sight, we have for you an interesting grip on the steering wheel. This subject will help you to use navigation. It is mounted directly to ... 
Phone holders Flexible
 Phone holders Flexible     Price:
1.52 Euro

 Phone holders Flexible Click on the link above and see this product on YouTube! Introducing the wonderful product - a universal phone holder. . This item can be used among other things for fixing the iPhone 4s, 5s, 6, 6 ... 
Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 products) Result Pages:  1 
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